Friday, February 27, 2015

MICKEY accronym madness!

Well guys, this was definitely NOT an easy decision. All of you had great stuff. Here are the winners of the bonus points...

Funniest acronym goes to Brit! 3 points! Check it out

Mickey In the Clubhouse, wrinkle Kream in hand. 60 years will take a toll, Even when You're drawn by hand
I don't think you can say I was biased on this one... Rapping out her acronym definitely made me laugh!

Most clever goes to Kim and Evonne (2 points) for being the only ones to actually form a decent sentence using words I actually recognize...
  • Massively Insane Creatures Keeping Everyone Young
  • Mouse in clothing kindly entertaining you
I'm also giving some extra points!!
Savanna gets 1 point for her perfect DONALD acronym 
  • Delusional Overbearing Narcissistic Angry Loud Duck
Tessa gets a point for having the truest acronym
  • Michael Is Crazy Kool Every Year
Here are the rest of the entries, they are all great!!
  • Magical Imagery Cautiously Kinda Elevating Youth
  • Mickey Inside Creates Kid En You
  • Memories Indelibly Created Keep End”ear"ing Yearly
  • Mouse Imagined Cheerfully Keeps Everyone Youthful
  • Mesmerized Impatient to get there Cutest little guy ever!!! Kid-Perfect Eating everything Yes! Yes! Yes! (Descibing Cannon when asked if he wants to go to Disneyland)
  • Magical Investment Careens Kaleidoscopic Eyes of Youth
  • Minnie Is Cutest Kid Ever Yowza 
  • Goofus Oblivious Oafish Flailing Yodeler

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Disneyland Day Details and Updates

Hey all, we are less than 10 days away!! Woot woot.

Breakfast will be at 8am Saturday March 7th. This year it'll be just outside of the park gates. We are very excited about this because it means we will be able to all walk into the park right after we finish(probably 9am-ish). This should eliminate travel time for the day and give us more time in the park. Here is the picnic area

In the morning the area is completely empty! It's located to the left of the Dinseyland entry gates. Over past the lockers (which you can use to store the trophy, prizes or shirts if you need to).

The breakfast is going to be just bagels and drinks. We want to make things as easy, cheap and fast as possible for everyone. Shirts and breakfast come to $12 per person.

Mousehunt. We will hold the final competition to crown this years champ in the picnic area. As of now, Tessa, Brit and Marianne are the top 3 but that can easily change. (for full standings see the chart on the right) With only 10 days left expect a lot of pop-quiz questions to mix up the standings.

As for the shirt, it was close but you guys picked shirt design #1 for the back

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This years shirts!!

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Disneyland this year's DLand Day theme is Classic Disney. These year I asked the super talented Savanna to design the front of our t-shirt, check out her awesome design!

This year we'd like your input again. Let us know which of these 3 fonts you'd prefer for the back of the shirt...


We aren't locked yet on final colors, but this is what I think the final shirts will look like-ish

Can't wait to take our big group pic!! Make sure you get your shirt sizes to me asap!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mousehunt Rules

We are about to have our 6th year of Disneyland Day and our 5th ever Mousehunt Challenge! We've had a ton of fun so far! Here is a breakdown of the competition...

First there is the Digital Competition (for everyone whether you make it to DLand or not)
  • Every day at the exact same time every week for the month(ish) before Disneyland Day we will send an email with a question. 
  • A correct answer to that question will get you 7 points. A wrong answer gets you 5 points. 
  • Being the first to answer correctly to the weekly question get's you 3 extra points (2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets 1). There will also be a bonus question sent in the same email worth 3 additional points.
  • In the past years the first 3 answers usually are given within 2-3 minutes of sending the email. So you'll likely only get those extra points if you are hitting refresh at the designated time like a mad man
  • Randomly at any time we will send out an email with a Pop Quiz. This can be anything at all. Past examples where write a limmerick, take a Star Wars themed selfie, find a hidden mickey, etc... The points for this vary
  • We will update the blog weekly with current standings of all contestants
  • The top scorer who does not make it to Disneyland Day is the Digital Mouseketeer Winner!

Next is the Mouehunt Championship
  • To compete you mus i)be in the top 3 from the digital competion and ii)must attend the DLand Day breakfast
  • Contestants will play a combo of cherades, humdingers, pictionary and trivia to move along the board. First one to the finish is the Champ
  • All three get certificates and prizes but first place gets the coveted Mousehunt Trophy!

It's really a blast and we can't wait to see who the next winner will be! May the best Mouseketeer win!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Block Party!

For anyone that has attended Disneyland Day you know that one of the perks is you get a nice personalized wooden block as a mini memorial of of party. 2014 marked our fifth year of Disneyland Day! We give the blocks the following year so here is a sneak peak of what it'll look like.

We're excited to have 5 of these on our shelf soon! Here are our ones from the previous 4 years.

Each year is themed. This coming year will be classic Mickey in honor of Disneyland's 60th Anniversary

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Disneyland Day 2014

We can't begin to express the gratitude we have for all of you making this one of our annual highlights! We just love spending time with friends and family. We live so far from everyone that it's great to have somewhere we can all come together! Can't wait until next year!!!

 Our annual pic with the Indian, check out all five years here. This tradition started all because Brit and I decided over 5 years ago that we wanted to have an annual family photo at this same place.

 One of the best parts of Disneyland Day is the epic Mouse Hunt championship. First time ever we had 4 finalists, Nick, Tessa, Kim (aka Zapperman) and Cindy. Tessa a first time finalist took the coveted trophy

Cannon enjoying his goodie bag prizes

First stop... Tiki Room. This year was the 50th anniversary of the Tiki room so it was the theme of this year's Disneyland Day. Our shirts (as always) were highly coveted in the park by Disney enthusiasts

 Nick Cannon (haha, get it)

Momo and Zachy!

Next stop, Jungle Cruise, what a happy couple!

  So much love!!

SO SO glad that the Demasters could make it with their beautiful girl Ava who instantly stole Cannon's heart

It's not a trip to Disneyland without a ride on Pirates

And it wouldn't be Disneyland Day without Joyce and Christy!

We just loved having Marianne and her lovely kids around! You guys better come next year!! You are just too much fun!!!

 Steph and Bret's family are just the greatest. They are such a great family and we are so happy Steph found such a great husband with such awesome kids!

 Kimpa and Canman

 Pooh! Or as Cannon calls him "Poop"!

 Uncle Nick is so fun

 Thanks so much for coming Meemaw! Cannon just loves you (obviously) and we hope you and the rest of the Westoby clan can keep bringing this day so much joy!

Cannon watching his favorite part of the park, the "choo choo!"

 Disneyland Day simply would not happen if it were not for these too. The Murdock hotel on Capstone is the best bed and breakfast in SoCal. Love you guys! Thanks for always being so welcoming and just great!

As always, finishing the day with a ride on Tower of Terror just caps an unforgettable day.

Thank you all for yet another successful and amazing year! Can't wait until next year (Elle's first DLand Day!). Again we will be celebrating Disneyland's 60th anniversary by making 2015's DLand Day theme be classic Walt and Mickey! Love you all!!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Years of Magic!!!!

Hey all, I'm going to post a bunch of pics of this year soon. It was another amazing year! I'm so glad to have such wonderful friends and family! Here are the group photos for the first FIVE YEARS OF DISNEYLAND DAY!!